The thought of them makes your skin crawl, so don't live in fear. Get your trusted pest control company experts in the Fort Lauderdale, FL area on the job.

German cockroaches are the most well-known roaches that are found in homes. Roaches carry all sorts of bacteria and lay over 30 eggs at a time. It takes only a few months for these insects to become full size and begin reproducing all over again. These are the last insects that you want in your home and around your family. Our expert exterminators at Bugs Exterminators Termite and Pest Control offer many different pest control services and will make sure your home is free of cockroaches. It's important to get on top of cockroaches before your problem becomes even bigger.

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What You Need to Look For, ASAP

Once you find evidence of cockroaches, it's only a matter of time before they find a new area of your house to call home. At your first suspicion of these creepy creatures in your home, keep in mind these cockroach habits:

  • They hide well in small areas
  • Will attach themselves to boxes, bags
  • Often near garbage cans, under sinks, or in kitchen cabinets
  • They will eat toothpaste, soap, or food left on dishes

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