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You can see it now, a line of ants trekking across your kitchen floor, with no idea where they're coming from or what they're searching for. Sometimes it's easy to find their nest, but often times these invasive insects can cause a larger problem than you could've imagined. Though some ants can be harmless, others can cause serious damage to your lawn or home. Once you suspect your home might be fostering ants, call your reliable pest control company in Fort Lauderdale, FL for the best ant control services.

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Have You Seen These Ants?

There are many different types of ants that call southwest Florida home. Each of them have unique characteristics that important to be aware of when trying to tackle the issue. Let Bugs Exterminators Termite and Pest Control of Fort Lauderdale, FL use our expertise to rid your home of any of the following common ants:

Ghost Ants- They are pale and very small, able to get into many cracks in your home. Create nests in many locations in the home.
Crazy Ants- They breed and create large colonies very quickly, they nest outdoors where there is moisture but come indoors looking for sweets and meat
White-footed Ants- They live in damp leaf piles outside, but if they enter the home they will nest in the walls making them extremely difficult to eliminate. Their colonies can total to up to more than 3 million ants.
Big-headed Ants- These ants are yellow to darkish-brown in color. They are extremely invasive and can nest under your patio and cause damage to your lawn.

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